Yellow Marker 2

So why a blog post about a “Bible Dry Highlighter?” I’m a little old fashioned, but I love to highlight verses in my Bible. I’m wondering if one day most of the Scriptures in it will be highlighted, which would for sure defeat the purpose. But I’m just a little zealous, maybe even a little compulsive with it at times. Highlighting in an electronic device is just not the same. However, you do get to choose the color.  My favorite highlighter is my green one; I also have a yellow one. I don’t like the yellow because it doesn’t show up like the green. As destiny would have it, I misplaced my favorite marker–“trauma!” For days I was relegated to the use of the yellow highlighter, all the time wondering what in the world I had done with my favorite and dissatisfied every time I drew a yellow line across a Scripture.

Yellow & Green Marker 2

One morning as I reluctantly took the journey with the yellow highlighter, revelation dawned. I was holding it in my hand and suddenly realized that I could put the green refill inside the yellow highlighter. Amazing–don’t laugh please! I had been so focused on the outside of the highlighter that I failed to see that the inside could be different and could even be changed. I could have the green color even though I was still using the yellow pen.

By now you’re asking, “What is this about?” It’s simple–God began to speak to me through this. He said, “How often do you judge by the outside of a person or a situation and fail to see what’s on the inside, or what I’m planning to do to change what’s on the inside, what’s invisible to you. We are so quick to look at people, things, and situations with limited vision, only embracing what our eyes are accustomed to seeing. Our Father wants to teach us how to see beyond our physical vision, see what could be, see what He sees.

Maybe you’re in a situation right now, a difficult one, and you can only see one solution, which is not a comforting option. Maybe God is saying, “Let me show you what I want you to see and do in that situation.” Possibly you’re in a difficult relationship, and all you can see is that person’s outward actions and responses. God may want you to see that there’s a different color on the inside; there’s things He’s doing that you’re not aware of. Ask the Lord to help you see what’s on the inside, how He can change the “color” of that person or situation.

Green Marker 2

So after this great revelation of being able to swap the yellow for the green, after evaluating my heart based on the above observations, something interesting occurred. I found the green marker! Many times the uncovering, the revelation, the unfulfilled desire doesn’t come until we allow God to show us what’s really happening, what’s really beyond the label, what the possibilities are.

I encourage you not to fall into frustration or despair because the “color” of your situation is discouraging or failing to align with your preferences or desires. Yield yourself to the Lord and allow Him to show you the possibilities, the inside picture, the plan, the path to breakthrough. Your “yellow” can change to “green” despite what you see, despite your circumstances and limitations, and at worst, despite your grief and despair! He always has another color for you, a way to see life through His eyes!



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