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In a moment God can reorder your life, eliminate confusion, create the new, and establish you in that new place!

It would seem that I learn some of my greatest lessons through life’s simplest experiences. If I’m not careful though, my busy mind will bypass these situations with no further thought as to what the Lord might be saying to me. Ever been there?

For several years I’ve been working from our bedroom in a comfortable chair where I read, write, study, etc. I did have an office, but it’s now been converted to a makeshift bedroom for when guests come. I had a small antique table next to my chair that you see in the picture above. It’s been piled with everything I needed access to–mail, books, notebooks, pens, pads, and the list goes on. I would try to rearrange and organize it, but invariably it would sooner or later (mostly sooner) end up in a mess where I could never find things. Sometimes I would even have to move to my bed where I could spread things out to find what I needed.

A few days ago, my husband was walking through asking me about a particular piece of mail to which I replied, “It’s somewhere in the pile.” I was sitting on the bed looking at the mess when suddenly I saw a “bookcase!” Now as you’ve been reading this, that solution may have already occurred to you. But it had never crossed my mind. Maybe I thought there wasn’t enough space for it, or who knows my logic. I did some quick measurements, and headed to Walmart for their infamous “furniture in a box,” which is usually in “50 million pieces!” But my husband, Roger, can put anything together, so I was greatly inspired to complete this objective as soon as possible. Miraculously they had one style of shelf, which was within an inch of each of my measurements! Roger came through, putting his skills to work, having it together by nightfall even with all the manufacturer challenges. Not to belabor this further, but I was so excited that I got the whole family involved. The next day my daughter, Sherry, bought me these practical yet beautiful little baskets/containers (See the one with the little bird?) to organize my things. Now everything is accessible and ordered right next to my “work chair.”


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All of this caused me to consider the many things that can be out of order in our lives and the solutions God has ready for us. However, we can’t just keep rearranging our messes hoping for a different outcome. When it’s time to embrace the new that God has for us, we can’t keep holding onto the old. (After all that was my parents’ table they purchased in the 1940’s, and I had to use it. Now it’s in the makeshift bedroom. Oh, dear!)

Maybe the transformation you need is not as simple as the purchase of a bookcase, but the Father who opened my eyes to see this simple alteration is ready and willing to enlighten you no matter how desperate or disorderly things are in your life. Remember all it takes is a second in time where we actually hear and receive His Word, His revelation, His wisdom about a particular situation. All the circumstances may not change immediately, but suddenly you’ve got the word and insight you desperately needed. Disorder becomes order; chaos comes under His authority and control; frustration and fragmentation are replaced with joy and fruitfulness. In just one moment, He can turn your mess into a miracle!



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