If you’re a so-called “baby boomer,” you probably recognized this strange looking device right away. If you’re younger, this little apparatus is a transistor radio! I remember receiving mine one Christmas and the excitement of knowing I could have such easy access to the music I enjoyed. I’m sure I walked home from junior high school (that was the 1950’s version of middle school) listening to my radio–imagine that, and without it being plugged into an electrical outlet!

I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with spiritual insight or revelation. Well this morning while waiting before the Lord, a vision of one of these little devices came to me. As you can imagine, I was trying to figure out what that had to do with my special time of trying to hear His voice.  When I see or hear something, I initially want to know if there’s a personal application. My thoughts were, “God are you telling me this is my level of ability to receive “transmissions” from you?” “Wow! Surely I’m not that far behind.” But I do believe it was a word to me and maybe to you also. I believe He was saying we need to upgrade our ability to hear and receive from Him in this season.

Nowadays the trend is to receive information and communication while multi-tasking. It’s not that God won’t speak to you in the midst of another task, but we should never assume this is the preferred mode of communication with Him or even with others. The world’s communication technology has drastically improved, advanced, and literally gone beyond what we could have imagined 50 years ago, and we’ve only touched the surface of communication. But where are we in the Church? Has our communication with the Lord, our ability to hear and receive transmission from Him heightened and improved? Or do we still receive with the capacity of the transistor radio from the ’50’s and ’60’s?

We understand that in some situations persecuted believers cannot publicize, phone, or even text information about gatherings due to the possibilities of being tracked and arrested. They have to pray and ask God where they’re to meet other believers in order to assemble together. In a life or death situation, they have learned to hear the voice of God!

I believe the Lord is challenging us to upgrade our system! We definitely want our spiritual communication with Him to surpass any natural communication technology. Let’s not make it too difficult though. Our friend and prayer leader in Texas, Tom Schlueter, says that hearing God is simply but profoundly, “our spirit poised before His Spirit.” We can envision ourselves as a satellite dish that is continually focused towards Him.

In searching on the web for Scriptures related to hearing the voice of God, I clicked on the first site listed. The page opened, and there was a picture of a 1950’s looking television and adjacent to it, a dial for volume control similar to what was on the old transistor radios. The title of the article was, “Turn the volume of the world down, and hear God’s voice!” Yes, I think He’s speaking to me. How about you??

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” Jeremiah 33:3

“My sheep hear My voice…” John 10:27


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